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My name is Kelly Ifrah and I am a work at home mum of 3 young boys.

I started learning about search engine optimisation in 2004 before my second child was born. It started as a hobby, something to keep my brain occupied :D I love being a mummy, but I missed the interaction of having a job. I had a hard time when I got started not knowing what to do first or how to do it when I had decided. There are many ‘Internet Marketing’ products out there that help you along, but most of them will only tell you what you already know or miss out vital steps.

So, I built this site and dedicated it to helping others succeed online by providing free information, tutorials and tools. You can see the topics I cover in the right hand menu.

It will grow over time, but in the meantime should you wish me to cover something specific, please let me know.

I also consult privately for businesses of all size. If you are interested in the services that I offer, please click here.