All Done

Finally I think I have the site just how I want it :D

The beauty of wordpress is that there are fifty thousand (maybe a little overstatement) themes and plugins available so you can tweak to your heart’s desire. This is also a nightmare as you can waste hours of time tweaking it to your heart’s desire.

So I decided to set a plan in action …

I made a decision to choose a theme in an hour, which I did.

I then made a decision to use 10 plugins to start off with, which I did.

I then made a decision to set aside an hour per week to dedicate to this site. This includes posting and adding plugins. I have done this by setting a recurring meeting in my outlook calendar.

Doing the above means that I am organised and unnecessary time will not be wasted by distractions.

I suppose the main point of this post, more than the fact I finished the layout of the site, is that you need to be organised in order to get things done.

More on this later …

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